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Golf Trivia and Facts

History of the Game of Golf

Since the dawn of recorded history, man has been fascinated with games involving a club and a ball. Over the centuries, golf progressed, with the first recognizable form being played in Scotland in the early 1400’s. The game began to present itself in various other forms throughout Europe during the middle ages. At this time, the game generally consisted of knocking a ball from the ‘tee’, trying to hit a predetermined object in the least number of strokes. Over the latter half of the fourteenth century the predetermined object was decided to be replaced by a hole in the ground.

Golf became a major pastime throughout Europe, so much so that the Scottish Parliament was forced to introduce an act forbidding the playing of golf on Sundays to ensure the preservation of archery. Over the next few centuries many refinements were made to the game of golf, improving driver weight, ball trajectory and overall game play.

In 1774 players of Leith Links in Scotland requested to form a golf club and proper rules to be written, and “Articles and Laws in Playing Golf – The Rules of The Gentlemen Golfers of Leith” was formed. The rules stated as follows, ”

1. You must tee your ball within one club’s length of the hole.
2. Your tee must be on the ground.
3. You are not to change the ball which you strike off the tee.
4. You are not to remove stones, bones or any break club for the sake of playing your ball, except on the fair green, and that only within a club’s length of your ball.
5. If your ball comes among water, or any watery filth, you are at liberty to take out your ball and bringing it behind the hazard and teeing it, you may play it with any club and allow your adversary a stroke for so getting out your ball.
6. If your balls be found anywhere touching one another you are to lift the first ball till you play the last.
7. At holeing you are to play your ball honestly for the hole, and not to play upon your adversary’s ball, not lying in your way to the hole.
8. If you should lose your ball, by its being taken up, or any other way, you are to go back to the spot where you struck last and drop another ball and allow your adversary a stroke for the misfortune.
9. No man at holeing his ball is to be allowed to mark his way to the hold with his club or anything else.
10. If a ball be stopp’d by any person, horse or dog, or anything else, the ball so stopp’d must be played where it lyes.
11. If you draw your club in order to strike and proceed so far in the stroke as to be bringing down your club; if then your club shall break in any way, it is to be accounted a stroke.
12. He who whose ball lyes farthest from the hole is obliged to play first.
13. Neither trench, ditch or dyke made for the preservation of the links, nor the Scholar’s Holes or the soldier’s lines shall be accounted a hazard but the ball is to be taken out, teed and play’d with any iron club.

The weight of the ball must not be greater than 1.62oz., and the size not less than 1.68 inches in diameter. The velocity of the ball must not be greater than 250 feet per second when measured on the USGA’s apparatus. In international team competition, however, the size of the ball is not less than 1.62 inches in diameter, and the velocity specification does not apply.

A player is allowed a maximum of 14 clubs during a round. The penalty for breach of this rule is the loss of each hole in which a violation occurred in match play the loss of two strikes for each hole in which a violation occurred in stroke play, or, as it is sometimes called, medal play. ”

Between 1750 an 1850 the game of golf became the game we know and love today. Many of today’s great golf clubs were formed, and many top players began to gain renown. Golf equipment also began improving, with many of the top ball and club makers work being in demand. Allen Roberston of St Andrews was credited as the first professional golf player and the first man to break 80 on the Old Course in 1853.

During the mid to late 1800’s golf became world renowned. In 1848 the “Gutta Percha” based ball, also known as the “gutty”, was invented by James Patterson. The durability of this ball helped place golf in the limelight of countries worldwide. The first Open Championship was held in 1860, with eight leading professionals contending for the first prize of a red Morroco leather belt with silver clasps. Willie Park lead the game and took the Belt. Young Tom Morris dominated the Open for years to come, and made history with the Iron clubs that were previously only used for bad lies. Young Tom Morris brought these clubs into the mainstream with the help of club maker Stewart in St Andrews.

In 1895, The United States Golf Association was formed along with the American Amateur and Open Championships. By this time golf courses were springing up all around the United States, with over 1000 courses by the turn of the century. Some early US golf courses were, Tuxedo Golf Club, Tuxedo, New York in 1889; Newport Golf Club, Newport, Rhode Island in 1890; Middlesboro Golf Club, Middlesboro, Kentucky in 1890; and Hotel Champlain Golf Course, Bluff Point, New York in 1890. Many early professional golfers in the US were transplanted Scots, many of whom later became teachers and mentors who helped transform the game to a further level of sophistication. Further developments came in the way of the steel shafted club and the rubber-cored ball. America became obsessed with perfecting the golf swing, with many courses dedicating a section of the grounds for practice.

In the 1920’s, golf made a poignant splash in the fashion world. Plus-fours in baggy lightweight material and fancy colors became the trend, matched with the classic Argyle sweater and blazer. Topped off with matching two tone shoes, the golfer was poised with a look of his own in America. The British golfers failed to catch on to this new look of golf until the early 1960’s. Present day golf attire focuses on loose and comfortable slacks, collared shirts and golf shoes. Many prestigious golf clubs designate a strict code of dress, often frowning upon denim, sleeveless shirts and sweatshirts.

To this day golf maintains it’s popularity around the world. The sport is enjoyed by many, regardless of age or origin. The game can be one of serious stakes, or a child and his Grandfather enjoying quality time. Golf is here to stay.

“The game of golf is 90% mental and 10% mental.” – Thomas Mulligan

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We Buy Used Golf Balls purchases and sells thousands of used golf balls a month. If you are a golf ball retrieval company and/or have large quantities (15,000+) of used golf balls in inventory please send us a email with your offer. We buy millions of balls each year and are constantly looking for new contracted golf ball retrieval companies to supply us balls. To inquire about selling us your used golf balls please call us toll free at 1-877-453-2255 or email us at

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Choose the Right Golf Ball

Since there are many kinds of golfers, engineers have devised many kinds of golf balls. Today’s golf balls are the culmination of a variety of disciplines and talents, from material science to physics.. The technology of golf balls has reached an unprecedented level, offering different covers, cores, dimple patterns and compression to best suit golfers’ varying needs. When matched correctly to a golfer’s game, specific golf balls can increase enjoyment as well as chances for par.

Three things are taken into consideratiion when choosing a golf ball; golf ball type, golf ball construction, and playing level of the golfer.

Golf Ball Types:


  • A ball designed to react quickly off the clubface for maximum speed, which results in overall distance.
  • Distance balls appeal to people who find every yard counts, but where it may bring 15 more yards off the tee, it might also skip off the putting surface like a flat rock on water.


  • A ball designed to deter excessive spin, such as backspin (makes the ball climb higher) or sidespin (hooks and slices).
  • Control balls help golfers fight hooking-and-slicing tendencies and maneuver low shots on windy days.


  • A ball intended to create as much backspin as possible, which generally leads to higher trajectory and better stopping ability on the ground.
  • Better amateurs and touring pros prefer balls that offer high spin. These models may not be as long off the tee, but they make up for it in superior control.

Golf Ball Construction:

Two-piece balls:

  • Contain a large solid core and thin Surlyn cover.  Enhance distance and durability.
  • Offer more durability and improved playing characteristics.

Three-piece or four piece balls:

  • Contain a Polybutadiene core.   Usually has an Ionomer casing and  Urethane Elastomer cover.
  • Enhance backspin and control.


  • Multi-layers provide a multi-purpose ball.
  • Wound balls are made of thin, little rubber bands wound tightly into a sphere.


  • Solid cores are usually made of a high-energy rubber or similar compound.  Liquid-filled cores offer less trajectory and great feel and can spin for better accuracy.


  • Determines feel on soft hits, like putts and chips.  Blends co-polymer plastics, high-energy rubber, or similar resistant compounds.  Multi-cover layers material over the core to induce different playing responses.  Surlyn balls travel farther with less spin.
  • Balata-covered balls are softer and offer more enhanced feel, although they don’t resist scrapes and cuts.


  • Vary between 300 and 500.
  • Affects the aerodynamics for more or less trajectory.  Larger dimples promote trajectory.
  • Smaller dimples lessen trajectory


  • Sorts golf balls by their hardness.  If you prefer a softer feel, you should play a 90 or less compression ball, and if you prefer a harder feel, you should play 100.
  • Swing speed is not necessarily the determining factor in selecting your compression.

Playing Level:

  • When thinking about which ball will help you achieve par, it’s best to imagine a good-sized par 4.  If getting an extra 15 yards off the tee would help you hit shorter irons on approach shots to green, then maybe a distance ball will help.  Most people feel that high-spin balls appeal only to pros that need precision on iron shots.  But a senior or woman who has trouble reaching a par 4 in two shots will appreciate the control offered by a performance ball after the 3rd shot.
  • Some balls are designed for slower swing speeds with a lightweight construction that catches air. They are generally marketed for women or seniors, but don’t let labels fool you. Plenty of men play these balls because, for them, it yields the most distance.
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Company Has Helped Recycle Millions of Golf Balls in the Last 20 Years

Golf Ball Planet Features Wide Variety of Used Golf Balls, Helping Golf Aficionados Save Money While Still Enjoying Their Favorite Game

There is nothing quite like a good game of golf. From the beautiful scenery of the course to the camaraderie shared with other players, to hopefully hitting some great shots now and then, it’s easy to understand why so many people list golf as one of their favorite pastimes.

Golf can also be a bit of an expensive hobby; course fees and clubs and other accessories can all add up. With the economy being on the shaky side right now, many people have had to cut back on how often they hit the links.

A company has been getting a lot of attention lately for its ability to help save golf fans money by making one very important aspect of the game extremely affordable. Golf Ball Planet features a wide variety of brand name balls, including well known brand names including Titleist, MaxFli, Nike, Callaway, and more.

Within the past 20 years, Golf Ball Planet has harvested literally millions of what the website refers to as “experienced golf balls,” making them available to their clients at discounted prices.

As most golfers know, just because a golf ball has seen some action on several courses, it does not mean it’s ready to be thrown away. But before a ball is sold, Golf Ball Planet assesses it carefully to be sure it’s still of high enough quality to be used.

“We employ a vigorous quality testing program to ensure serious golfers of all skill levels get a golf ball that meet our high standards,” explained by a company spokesperson, adding that the used golf balls are sorted into four categories: Mint, Grade A, Grade B, or Grade C.

In addition Golf Ball Planet has also recently added golf accessories to its website, including golf gloves and shoe spikes.

Using the website is easy, the only difficult part might be trying to decide which brands of discount golf balls to buy first! Richards noted that the company also features a popular contest, giving away five dozen free golf balls every month to one lucky customer.

About Golf Ball Planet:For two decades, Golf Ball Planet has helped save golfers significant amounts of money by offering high quality used golf balls at discount prices. With its exceptional customer service and quick delivery time, Golf Ball Planet strives to offer everyone the best and most enjoyable shopping experience.

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Golf Ball Planet Helps Fans of the Game Save Money By Selling High-Quality Recycled Golf Balls

Company has Harvested Millions of Used Golf Balls in the Past Two Decades

Every day, thousands of people head to their favorite course for a game of golf. And for many, golf is more than just a game – it’s their hobby and passion, all rolled into one. From the gorgeous green fairways to the friendships made and maintained on the links, it is easy to see why golf is so popular.

Golf can also be bit of an expensive pastime – new clubs, green fees, spiked shoes and more can definitely hit the budget pretty hard. And because many people are struggling right now due to the economy, even the most avid golf fans have had to cut back a bit on how often they go out to play their favorite game.

GolfBallPlanet, a company based in British Columbia, has been getting a lot of attention lately for its ability to help save golf fans money by making one very vital part of the game extremely affordable. The company features a wide variety of balls, on its website, including well known brand names including Callaway, Titleist, MaxFli, Nike and more.

Over the last couple of decades, Golf Ball Planet has recycled literally millions of what the website describes as “experienced golf balls,” selling them to their many satisfied customers at very low and reasonable prices.

As golfers all understand, golf balls that have been played several times are not necessarily ready to be discarded and are often in still excellent condition. Because of this, many golfers would agree that buying used golf balls is a practical solution.

But before a single recycled golf ball can be sold, the staff at Golf Ball Planet looks each one over, inspecting it to be sure it’s still in good enough condition to be played with, and giving it a quality rating that will determine its price.

“We employ a vigorous quality testing program to ensure serious golfers of all skill levels get a golf ball that meet our high standards,” explained company spokesperson Jasan Richards. He added that the recycled balls are sorted into four categories: Mint, Grade A, Grade B, or Grade C.

Golf Ball Planet has also recently added golf accessories to its website, including golf gloves and shoe spikes.

Golf Ball Planet’s website is extremely user-friendly and filled with detailed information on the various types of used golf balls it sells. A popular feature, Richards noted, is a monthly contest that awards five dozen free golf balls to one lucky customer

About Golf Ball Planet:

For two decades, Golf Ball Planet has helped save golfers significant amounts of money by offering high quality used golf balls at discount prices. With its exceptional customer service and quick delivery time, Golf Ball Planet strives to offer everyone the best and most enjoyable shopping experience. For more information, please visit

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Will Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls Improve Your Score

Titleist Pro V1 Golf BallsLegions of top golfers use Titleist Pro VI golf balls: Steve Stricker, Lee Westwood, Ian Poulter, Rory McIlroy, Geoff Ogilvy, and Hunter Mahan just start the list.  Will a Pro V1or Pro V1x improve your score?  Will you be able to hit the Tour this year after hitting a few in the backyard?  It takes determination, will power, skill, practice, practice, and more practice, and, yes, great equipment.  While you may not be ready to tackle the PGA circuit, you will be able to improve your game and get the best score for you with these top quality balls.  And who knows?  Maybe you can give Kenny Perry a run for his money.

Titleist’s Pro V1 and Pro V1x are the number one balls on worldwide tours.  So what makes them stand out?  Let’s take a look at the mechanics and design of the balls to get the best idea.

The Pro V1.  The majority of golf balls on the market are made with two layers, a core and a cover.  For most players, this is perfectly sufficient, and they’ll get endless use from them.  For the pros and those who aspire to be one, a different construction may be necessary.  Both Pro V1 and Pro V1x have a three layer design.  At the heart of the Pro V1 is a solid core of Polybutadiene.  This core is larger at 1.550 inches, and it is designed to improve velocity.  Next is the thin (.035 inch) Ionomer casing, covered by the final layer of high performance Urethane Elastomer.  The dimple pattern is Icosahedral with a Staggered Wave parting line.

What does all of this mean for the golfer?  The Pro V1 offers:

  • Consistent fall flight
  • Long distance
  • Soft fee
  • Great scoring performance
  • Drop-and-Stop greenside control
  • Durability – the Urethane Elastomer provides exceptional life for the Pro V1
  • Low spin
  • Higher coverage with 392 dimple design

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

Pro V1x.  Again, the Pro V1x has a three layer construction designed specifically for professional use.  The core is made of Poybutadiene, measuring 1.550 inches, just as the Pro V1.  The Ionomer casing and Urethane Elastomer cover, too, are the same.  So what differentiates the Pro V1x from its older brother?  The dimple design.  Instead of the 392 dimple coverage, this one offers 332.  It offers:

  • Long distance and consistent flight
  • Soft feel
  • Great scoring performance
  • Drop-and-Stop greenside control
  • Durability

Professional players use both the V1 and V1x, depending on their preferences, so you can be assured that either is a high grade choice.

One thing that players may take issue with is the price.  New Titleist Pro V1 and V1x cost $58 per box, which can be a big expensive if you’re not pulling in the multi-million dollar prizes quite yet.  A better alternative is to choose a reputable wholesaler and opt for recycled golf balls.  You can find mint condition balls that are perfectly appropriate for game use, or you can find grade C balls that will be a great practice tool.  You’ll pay less than half the cost of new balls for the mint condition ones, and for the practice balls, you’ll pay as little as $10. Used versions play like new ones, but they cost quite a bit less

Titleist Pro V1 golf balls will help you get your game up to par, and a great wholesaler will help you save your money for green fees.

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Why The Pros Use Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

Titleist is understandably proud to have more worldwide golf ball wins than any of their competitors.  As it stands for 2010, they’re at 28; their nearest competitor? Six.  Their line of Titleist Pro V1 Golf BallsPro V1 golf balls are the preferred among scores of professionals, including Kenny Perry, Steve Stricker, Geoff Ogilvy, and many more.  Why?  What makes pros all over the world turn to this brand over any other for the most important games of their lives?  The quality is undeniable, the engineering advanced, and the dedication to providing golfers with the best tools for the job is unmatched.

Titleist is a brand that ensures quality and durability, and the Pro V1 golf balls are at the top of their game.  One of the big differences between the Pro V1s is the three layer construction, as opposed to the two layer construction that is more typical.  Three layer balls offer the forgiveness and ease of play of a two layer model but with the precision needed for more advanced players.  The specific design of the casing and the core, in conjunction with the cover and dimple design, help golfers improve their game in the following areas:

  • Longer distance
  • Consistent ball flight
  • Soft feel
  • Great scoring performance
  • Drop-and-Stop control

How does the Pro V1 do this?  Let’s take a look inside.  The inner core is larger, measuring 1.550 inches, for more speed, and is constructed of solid Polybutadiene.  This is covered by the casing layer, which is made of .035 inch thick Ionomer. Surrounding this is the outer cover of Urethane Elastomer, which provides exceptional durability.  The 392 count dimple design and Staggered Wave parting line offer control and precision.  The entire package provides Drop-and-Stop control.

The Pro V1x differs slightly, mainly in the 332 count dimple design.  The Pro V1x helps improve your game in the following ways:

  • Low spin (less spin than the Pro V1)
  • Increased velocity and consistent ball flight
  • Soft feel
  • Drop-and-Stop control
  • precision

Titleist Pro V1 Golf BallsYou will find that both the Pro V1 and the Pro V1x are in common use by professionals.  Which one would be best for your game?  As the balls are almost identical, it can be hard, and honestly, most players would not be able to tell the difference.  For advanced and low handicap golfers, however, choosing one over the other will depend on your swing and launch conditions.  Titleists says, “The Pro V1x is the distance and performance solution for Pro V1 players who require less spin into the green, as well as for golfers currently playing competitive  high-performance golf balls with a low spin and firmer feel.”

Pro V1 and Pro V2 balls are the best of the best, and the best of the best play with them regularly.  They also, as you might expect, carry a high price tag.  A box of a dozen can cost $58.  If you want the quality without the high price, consider getting recycled golf balls used.  You can find these in mint or near-mint condition, which will help you improve your game while saving you money.  What could be better?

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Wholesale NXT Golf Balls Are Available Online

Titleist has been a leading name in golf equipment for decades, and much of their phenomenal success is due to the ceaseless drive to perfect their gear. NXT Golf Balls New technology is continually developed and incorporated into their clubs and balls, helping players gain more distance, get lower spin, higher velocity, more speed, more control, and better performance.  You can see this with the NXT series.  The NXT, NXT Tour, and NXT Extreme offer different materials and designs to help players get the most from each swing.  You may wonder how NXT golf balls could get better.  How about getting them wholesale?  You can find these high quality balls online for a great price.  And what could be better than that?

The benefit of buying wholesale, of course, is that you can buy a large quantity (perfect if you lose a lot of balls to water hazards) and get a better price.  This is why wholesale stores, like Costco and BJ’s are so popular.  The end result is that you pay less per ball, and you have the advantage of having a stock when you need them.  Besides these benefits, buying online allows you to get the best prices at your convenience.  Today, there is a large market for wholesale golf balls, which is yet another advantage for players.  You will find a great selection, and you can find top names, like Titleist, for a fraction of the cost of retail.

NXT Golf BallsWhether you are a high, medium, or low handicap golfer, you will benefit from wholesale balls.  Beginners will invariably go through boxes and boxes of balls, which can make golf a tremendously expensive hobby!  You can easily find practice-quality balls for very low prices.  Experienced golfers can still find the quality they need wholesale.  You can easily find Titleist balls, including the NXT, at lower prices.

When looking for NXT and NXT Tour balls for sale online, how can you be assured that you will be getting the quality you need?  You will find wholesalers will assign a grade to their recycle golf balls.  Each company is different; Golf Ball Planet, for instance, uses the following:

  •  Mint grade used golf balls.  You may not be able to tell these were ever uses.  Sometimes they’ll be called One Hit Wonders – that could be the extent to which they have been used.
  • Grade A.  You will notice a slight cosmetic imperfection with these balls, as if they’d been through a hole or two of golf.  These are also called Near Mint.
  • Grade B.  These will have more noticeable use and/or discoloration, but they are very playable.  In fact, they play just like new balls, and tThey’re certainly worth the price.
  • Grade C.  A step down from grade Bs, these are noticeably used, b.  But you will find the lowest prices here.  They are ideal for casual games, practice, and beginning golfers because they play much like a new ball would.


No matter what your current level of play is, you can benefit from buying used balls. You can find a box of Mint NXT Tour balls for less than $15, as opposed to $34 new.  You can get a box of NXT Tours for just over $5 – practice is looking a little less expensive, isn’t it?  There is absolutely no reason to pay retail price when you can get the quality your game needs with wholesale vendors.

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Used Bridgestone golf balls are wise alternatives when you are looking for rigid training implementsfor the game.

Besides from being cheaper than the brand new ones, they can make the players perform the right way as the construction of these balls are geared to satisfy each and every person who use them at the price that is friendly to the pocket.

Advantages that can be yours in a flash

Pricing: One can buy at very low prices depending on the appearance and the capacity of the balls. Chancing upon a big sale event, a buyer can get as much as 50% off on all used ball items. It is the sole responsibility of the shopper to browse on websites to get the best deal of his life.

Quality: Quality never fades. It is only on the type of usage that determines a golfer’s purchases; whether he likes to purchase the balls for his afternoon games or a weekend grind at the fairways. Every Bridgestone golf ball is built to last longer than any other balls of its kind that is why used Bridgestone golf balls are reliable materials as well.

What to expect in graded used Bridgestone golf balls.

There are several grades soldat online sporting goods shops. A buyer can clearly see the difference between the pricing and the appearance of the balls per se. Here are some aspects for you to think about:

Mint Grade: These are among the best grades and are preferred by many golfers; amateurs or professionals. These balls are almost like new. These are also known as mint quality or AAAAA while others refer to them as one hit wonders.

Grade A: These budget-friendly balls have slight imperfections and regarded as AAAA.

Grade B: Having moderate blemishes on its surface, the kind of imperfection that does not in any way affect the ball’s trajectory, flight direction, or distance. These may have a little tanning but are very playable and conditioned to meet the demands of players.

Grade C: These golf balls may be cosmetically challenged but are still a hundred percent playable. These may have some slight to moderate discolorations but do not have cuts on them. This grade is ideal for practice or a casual game and a perfect match for those who have handicaps.

Grade D: As the last among the list, golf balls that fall on this grade appear to need some cosmetic fixing. Major blemishes and discolorations are present, and some may even have cuts and a little bit deformed. These are just for practice games and nothing else.

Why buy used?

So, why would you buy used instead of the brand new ones? The reason is clear; golf is a very expensive game and players would do everything just to save in order to buy them.

As balls are very vital implements in the game, it is much wiser to buy those that have quality when just looking to practice skills.