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Do You Have Golf Balls Taking Up Valuable Space In Your Garage Or Basement?

Do you have thousands of golf balls taking up storage space in your garage, shed or basement? On your daily walk around the golf course do you hunt for stray golf balls? It’s always convenient to have extra golf balls for when you or your friends may need them, but maybe now the collection has grown to the size where you could never use them all! If this sounds familiar to you or someone you may know GolfBalls.ca has a solution for you. Let us put money in your pocket instead of golf balls collecting dust on shelfs or full bins taking up valuable floor space. Call us at 1-877-453-2255 or fill out the form below.

I Would Like To Sell Golf Balls, But What Is The Process And How Does It Work?

You’ve decided to sell your golf balls. The first step requires you to either make a simple phone call to us at 1-877-453-2255 or fill out the form below, stating the number of golf balls that you currently have and their location including city and province or state. We will explain your options after you provide answers to a few simple questions. We ask that you have 7,500+ used golf balls before you contact us with interest to sell. Maybe you don’t quite have enough to meet the minimum requirement? Ask your golfing friends if they have any used golf balls lying around that they are willing to combine with your collection. Pool your profit for a fun golf getaway!

How Long Do I Need To Wait To Get Paid? How Do I Get The Golf Balls To You?

We will arrange the logistics of getting your money to you and your balls to us. When you sell your golf balls to us, you have two options. A cheque cut directly to you at the time of pick up OR receive the equivalent amount in credit to spend on GolfBalls.ca at your convenience and with no expiry. It’s that simple!

Does this interest you? We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

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