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Golf Ball Planet Helps Fans of the Game Save Money By Selling High-Quality Recycled Golf Balls

By November 17, 2015Media

Company has Harvested Millions of Used Golf Balls in the Past Two Decades

Every day, thousands of people head to their favorite course for a game of golf. And for many, golf is more than just a game – it’s their hobby and passion, all rolled into one. From the gorgeous green fairways to the friendships made and maintained on the links, it is easy to see why golf is so popular.

Golf can also be bit of an expensive pastime – new clubs, green fees, spiked shoes and more can definitely hit the budget pretty hard. And because many people are struggling right now due to the economy, even the most avid golf fans have had to cut back a bit on how often they go out to play their favorite game.

GolfBallPlanet, a company based in British Columbia, has been getting a lot of attention lately for its ability to help save golf fans money by making one very vital part of the game extremely affordable. The company features a wide variety of balls, on its website, including well known brand names including Callaway, Titleist, MaxFli, Nike and more.

Over the last couple of decades, Golf Ball Planet has recycled literally millions of what the website describes as “experienced golf balls,” selling them to their many satisfied customers at very low and reasonable prices.

As golfers all understand, golf balls that have been played several times are not necessarily ready to be discarded and are often in still excellent condition. Because of this, many golfers would agree that buying used golf balls is a practical solution.

But before a single recycled golf ball can be sold, the staff at Golf Ball Planet looks each one over, inspecting it to be sure it’s still in good enough condition to be played with, and giving it a quality rating that will determine its price.

“We employ a vigorous quality testing program to ensure serious golfers of all skill levels get a golf ball that meet our high standards,” explained company spokesperson Jasan Richards. He added that the recycled balls are sorted into four categories: Mint, Grade A, Grade B, or Grade C.

Golf Ball Planet has also recently added golf accessories to its website, including golf gloves and shoe spikes.

Golf Ball Planet’s website is extremely user-friendly and filled with detailed information on the various types of used golf balls it sells. A popular feature, Richards noted, is a monthly contest that awards five dozen free golf balls to one lucky customer

About Golf Ball Planet:

For two decades, Golf Ball Planet has helped save golfers significant amounts of money by offering high quality used golf balls at discount prices. With its exceptional customer service and quick delivery time, Golf Ball Planet strives to offer everyone the best and most enjoyable shopping experience. For more information, please visit

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