offers Canadians 2 types of used golf balls, Recycled and Refinished. What is the Difference? To be perfectly honest, not very much…

Recycled Golf Balls are similar to eggs. They are washed, brand and type sorted and then graded by color and cover condition.  The recycled balls are sorted into Mint, Grade A, Grade B ans Grade C condition so the consumer can choose the quality and price point they wish to purchase.

Refinished Golf Balls are taken to the next step. If a golf ball is 100% intact with no cover abrasions or cuts but is just cosmetically stained, then we refinish some of these golf balls. We only refinish top end golf balls as this process is expensive. The process consists of mechanically stripping the outer clear-coat and paint off the ball taking it back to where it was before it was originally painted. This is done in a golf ball manufacturing facility that has been manufacturing golf balls for over 80 years in the USA.  The ball is then repainted in this golf ball facility and then clear-coated to ensure a durable product. This process enhances the cosmetics of the ball so it appears and performs like a new ball without any depreciation in performance. Please Note: By law all refinished balls have a small “Refinished” printed on one side of the ball.

Note that during the refinishing process we do not and cannot repair golf balls. If the golf balls have any abrasions in the cover due to cart path, tree or scrape marks they are discarded and sold as low end shag balls.

Did you know refinished golf balls have been formally accepted by the USGA. Rule 5-1/4 of the USGA rule book states that  it is permissible for such a ball to be used. So there you have it, Refinished golf balls are permissible in tournament play!