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Bridgestone golf balls can be declared as the balls for professional golfers.

The technology that these balls have is like no other as they seem to have been specially designed to make players capture the trophy in every game.

The truth about hole-in-one triumphs

While it is true that there are many golf balls sold in the market for reasonable prices, Bridgestone have become a favorite for those who often commit errant shots. Every playergets a possible hole-in-one shot with this type of ball. Hooks and slices cannot be avoided sometimes but there are many aspects that contribute to committing these blunders.

For one, the balls used by several players are unlike these specially-made balls that do not have seams. So, when a player hits an ordinary ball, it would have the tendency of strayingoff target and cannot be controlled any longer. Next is discipline which has to be instilled in every game a player takes on; without proper knowledge on the stances and proper handling of the clubs used in each game, there will never be a good performance.

Undisciplined players will always end up the least in the competition regardless of the kind of ball that they use. And it is not always the ball which they would refer to as the culprit but the hands and the club that addresses it.

They’re seamless and this makes it easier to get them on target asattested by other experienced players who have tried this kind of golf ball. It is optimized to meet professional level swings with a speed that exceeds 105mph which is the maximum distance a high speed golf ball can achieve.

When using drivers and irons on the fairways, these balls are definitely a hit. It can bring a golfer to unknown distances with a driver, and using irons would make spectators gape in awe as they would see its ultimate performance with regards to the highest spins which the ball can achieve. Adding the soft feel that players may experience while hitting the ball, this could make a stress-free golf experience. I never had a stiff neck or hardened triceps; no effort at all!

Characteristics of the Bridgestone Golf Balls

  • Maintained its enhanced gradational core technology and this means faster ball speed and longer distances can be achieved. Imagine achieving close to perfect shots that were unconceivable in your past games!
  • Cover is made of urethane that can enable a superb greenside control.
  • RD10 resin material which are used in producing Bridgestone golf balls gives the balls higher preliminary speed and enables lesser spins; thus generating longer distance ball flights.
  • Their dual mantle design is geared for reduced spins and higher launch when using drivers or long irons.
  • Their seamless design is composed of 330 dimples that make the balls consistent while in flight.

Several golfers have found some ideal characteristics that can catapult their playing skills into a higher level in the game after having had tried on different brands.