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Will Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls Improve Your Score

Titleist Pro V1 Golf BallsLegions of top golfers use Titleist Pro VI golf balls: Steve Stricker, Lee Westwood, Ian Poulter, Rory McIlroy, Geoff Ogilvy, and Hunter Mahan just start the list.  Will a Pro V1or Pro V1x improve your score?  Will you be able to hit the Tour this year after hitting a few in the backyard?  It takes determination, will power, skill, practice, practice, and more practice, and, yes, great equipment.  While you may not be ready to tackle the PGA circuit, you will be able to improve your game and get the best score for you with these top quality balls.  And who knows?  Maybe you can give Kenny Perry a run for his money.

Titleist’s Pro V1 and Pro V1x are the number one balls on worldwide tours.  So what makes them stand out?  Let’s take a look at the mechanics and design of the balls to get the best idea.

The Pro V1.  The majority of golf balls on the market are made with two layers, a core and a cover.  For most players, this is perfectly sufficient, and they’ll get endless use from them.  For the pros and those who aspire to be one, a different construction may be necessary.  Both Pro V1 and Pro V1x have a three layer design.  At the heart of the Pro V1 is a solid core of Polybutadiene.  This core is larger at 1.550 inches, and it is designed to improve velocity.  Next is the thin (.035 inch) Ionomer casing, covered by the final layer of high performance Urethane Elastomer.  The dimple pattern is Icosahedral with a Staggered Wave parting line.

What does all of this mean for the golfer?  The Pro V1 offers:

  • Consistent fall flight
  • Long distance
  • Soft fee
  • Great scoring performance
  • Drop-and-Stop greenside control
  • Durability – the Urethane Elastomer provides exceptional life for the Pro V1
  • Low spin
  • Higher coverage with 392 dimple design

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

Pro V1x.  Again, the Pro V1x has a three layer construction designed specifically for professional use.  The core is made of Poybutadiene, measuring 1.550 inches, just as the Pro V1.  The Ionomer casing and Urethane Elastomer cover, too, are the same.  So what differentiates the Pro V1x from its older brother?  The dimple design.  Instead of the 392 dimple coverage, this one offers 332.  It offers:

  • Long distance and consistent flight
  • Soft feel
  • Great scoring performance
  • Drop-and-Stop greenside control
  • Durability

Professional players use both the V1 and V1x, depending on their preferences, so you can be assured that either is a high grade choice.

One thing that players may take issue with is the price.  New Titleist Pro V1 and V1x cost $58 per box, which can be a big expensive if you’re not pulling in the multi-million dollar prizes quite yet.  A better alternative is to choose a reputable wholesaler and opt for recycled golf balls.  You can find mint condition balls that are perfectly appropriate for game use, or you can find grade C balls that will be a great practice tool.  You’ll pay less than half the cost of new balls for the mint condition ones, and for the practice balls, you’ll pay as little as $10. Used versions play like new ones, but they cost quite a bit less

Titleist Pro V1 golf balls will help you get your game up to par, and a great wholesaler will help you save your money for green fees.

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Why The Pros Use Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

Titleist is understandably proud to have more worldwide golf ball wins than any of their competitors.  As it stands for 2010, they’re at 28; their nearest competitor? Six.  Their line of Titleist Pro V1 Golf BallsPro V1 golf balls are the preferred among scores of professionals, including Kenny Perry, Steve Stricker, Geoff Ogilvy, and many more.  Why?  What makes pros all over the world turn to this brand over any other for the most important games of their lives?  The quality is undeniable, the engineering advanced, and the dedication to providing golfers with the best tools for the job is unmatched.

Titleist is a brand that ensures quality and durability, and the Pro V1 golf balls are at the top of their game.  One of the big differences between the Pro V1s is the three layer construction, as opposed to the two layer construction that is more typical.  Three layer balls offer the forgiveness and ease of play of a two layer model but with the precision needed for more advanced players.  The specific design of the casing and the core, in conjunction with the cover and dimple design, help golfers improve their game in the following areas:

  • Longer distance
  • Consistent ball flight
  • Soft feel
  • Great scoring performance
  • Drop-and-Stop control

How does the Pro V1 do this?  Let’s take a look inside.  The inner core is larger, measuring 1.550 inches, for more speed, and is constructed of solid Polybutadiene.  This is covered by the casing layer, which is made of .035 inch thick Ionomer. Surrounding this is the outer cover of Urethane Elastomer, which provides exceptional durability.  The 392 count dimple design and Staggered Wave parting line offer control and precision.  The entire package provides Drop-and-Stop control.

The Pro V1x differs slightly, mainly in the 332 count dimple design.  The Pro V1x helps improve your game in the following ways:

  • Low spin (less spin than the Pro V1)
  • Increased velocity and consistent ball flight
  • Soft feel
  • Drop-and-Stop control
  • precision

Titleist Pro V1 Golf BallsYou will find that both the Pro V1 and the Pro V1x are in common use by professionals.  Which one would be best for your game?  As the balls are almost identical, it can be hard, and honestly, most players would not be able to tell the difference.  For advanced and low handicap golfers, however, choosing one over the other will depend on your swing and launch conditions.  Titleists says, “The Pro V1x is the distance and performance solution for Pro V1 players who require less spin into the green, as well as for golfers currently playing competitive  high-performance golf balls with a low spin and firmer feel.”

Pro V1 and Pro V2 balls are the best of the best, and the best of the best play with them regularly.  They also, as you might expect, carry a high price tag.  A box of a dozen can cost $58.  If you want the quality without the high price, consider getting recycled golf balls used.  You can find these in mint or near-mint condition, which will help you improve your game while saving you money.  What could be better?

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Wholesale NXT Golf Balls Are Available Online

Titleist has been a leading name in golf equipment for decades, and much of their phenomenal success is due to the ceaseless drive to perfect their gear. NXT Golf Balls New technology is continually developed and incorporated into their clubs and balls, helping players gain more distance, get lower spin, higher velocity, more speed, more control, and better performance.  You can see this with the NXT series.  The NXT, NXT Tour, and NXT Extreme offer different materials and designs to help players get the most from each swing.  You may wonder how NXT golf balls could get better.  How about getting them wholesale?  You can find these high quality balls online for a great price.  And what could be better than that?

The benefit of buying wholesale, of course, is that you can buy a large quantity (perfect if you lose a lot of balls to water hazards) and get a better price.  This is why wholesale stores, like Costco and BJ’s are so popular.  The end result is that you pay less per ball, and you have the advantage of having a stock when you need them.  Besides these benefits, buying online allows you to get the best prices at your convenience.  Today, there is a large market for wholesale golf balls, which is yet another advantage for players.  You will find a great selection, and you can find top names, like Titleist, for a fraction of the cost of retail.

NXT Golf BallsWhether you are a high, medium, or low handicap golfer, you will benefit from wholesale balls.  Beginners will invariably go through boxes and boxes of balls, which can make golf a tremendously expensive hobby!  You can easily find practice-quality balls for very low prices.  Experienced golfers can still find the quality they need wholesale.  You can easily find Titleist balls, including the NXT, at lower prices.

When looking for NXT and NXT Tour balls for sale online, how can you be assured that you will be getting the quality you need?  You will find wholesalers will assign a grade to their recycle golf balls.  Each company is different; Golf Ball Planet, for instance, uses the following:

  •  Mint grade used golf balls.  You may not be able to tell these were ever uses.  Sometimes they’ll be called One Hit Wonders – that could be the extent to which they have been used.
  • Grade A.  You will notice a slight cosmetic imperfection with these balls, as if they’d been through a hole or two of golf.  These are also called Near Mint.
  • Grade B.  These will have more noticeable use and/or discoloration, but they are very playable.  In fact, they play just like new balls, and tThey’re certainly worth the price.
  • Grade C.  A step down from grade Bs, these are noticeably used, b.  But you will find the lowest prices here.  They are ideal for casual games, practice, and beginning golfers because they play much like a new ball would.


No matter what your current level of play is, you can benefit from buying used balls. You can find a box of Mint NXT Tour balls for less than $15, as opposed to $34 new.  You can get a box of NXT Tours for just over $5 – practice is looking a little less expensive, isn’t it?  There is absolutely no reason to pay retail price when you can get the quality your game needs with wholesale vendors.

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Used Bridgestone golf balls are wise alternatives when you are looking for rigid training implementsfor the game.

Besides from being cheaper than the brand new ones, they can make the players perform the right way as the construction of these balls are geared to satisfy each and every person who use them at the price that is friendly to the pocket.

Advantages that can be yours in a flash

Pricing: One can buy at very low prices depending on the appearance and the capacity of the balls. Chancing upon a big sale event, a buyer can get as much as 50% off on all used ball items. It is the sole responsibility of the shopper to browse on websites to get the best deal of his life.

Quality: Quality never fades. It is only on the type of usage that determines a golfer’s purchases; whether he likes to purchase the balls for his afternoon games or a weekend grind at the fairways. Every Bridgestone golf ball is built to last longer than any other balls of its kind that is why used Bridgestone golf balls are reliable materials as well.

What to expect in graded used Bridgestone golf balls.

There are several grades soldat online sporting goods shops. A buyer can clearly see the difference between the pricing and the appearance of the balls per se. Here are some aspects for you to think about:

Mint Grade: These are among the best grades and are preferred by many golfers; amateurs or professionals. These balls are almost like new. These are also known as mint quality or AAAAA while others refer to them as one hit wonders.

Grade A: These budget-friendly balls have slight imperfections and regarded as AAAA.

Grade B: Having moderate blemishes on its surface, the kind of imperfection that does not in any way affect the ball’s trajectory, flight direction, or distance. These may have a little tanning but are very playable and conditioned to meet the demands of players.

Grade C: These golf balls may be cosmetically challenged but are still a hundred percent playable. These may have some slight to moderate discolorations but do not have cuts on them. This grade is ideal for practice or a casual game and a perfect match for those who have handicaps.

Grade D: As the last among the list, golf balls that fall on this grade appear to need some cosmetic fixing. Major blemishes and discolorations are present, and some may even have cuts and a little bit deformed. These are just for practice games and nothing else.

Why buy used?

So, why would you buy used instead of the brand new ones? The reason is clear; golf is a very expensive game and players would do everything just to save in order to buy them.

As balls are very vital implements in the game, it is much wiser to buy those that have quality when just looking to practice skills.

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Titleist Pro V1X Is An Excellent Choice For Any Type Of Course

People who pay fees to play at well maintained country clubs and five star courses often have a bag full of new or slightly used Titleist Pro v1x golf balls. Titleist is one of the most trusted and well respected names in all of sports equipment, and hundreds of professionals along with millions of recreational golfers use the company’s spheres on a daily basis. Playing with anything less than a top notch golf ball at a top notch course would be blasphemy, and obviously detrimental to a score.

No matter what the quality of the course on which you plan on playing your next round, a Titleist Pro v1x will put you in the best possible position to excel. Here are the three main types of public courses and what you can expect from each.

Bare Bones Municipal Course

These types of courses typically cost less than $20 to play and can be an excellent way to work on shotmaking and course management. Rarely crowded, many municipal courses that fall into this category actually had some glory days in a bygone era, but as of now are basically being left alone and letting nature to run its course. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but sandy fairways and inconsistent greens can sometimes stymie otherwise good shots, so be sure not to let yourself get discouraged if a good look at birdie turns into a bogey. Despite the conditions, a dozen or so Titleist Pro v1x golf balls will ensure that you will get the best possible distance and contact out of less than ideal lies.

The Middle Majority

About 80% of public golf courses fall into this middle category. Middle majority golf courses usually cost between $20 and $60 to play on any given weekday. These courses have a staff that has been well trained in the specifics of daily management and the physical upkeep of a course, and the pin placements change every morning. Most of these courses also feature a pro shop with a licensed PGA Tour professional and snack bar and comfortable seating area for unwinding after a round. Every major city in North America is sprinkled with a handful of middle majority golf courses, which compete for a huge chunk of the recreational golfing public’s dollar.

Top Notch Courses

Golf courses that qualify for the top category are immaculate celebrations of sports and nature, complete with an attentive and educated staff that is immensely interested in satisfying every desire of a patron. The prices for these exclusive rounds of golf begin at about $100 and can soar as high as $500 on gems such as Northern California’s Pebble Beach. Any level of golfer is welcome at these high end courses, but all should be thoroughly versed in the ins and outs of the game and its specific customs before stepping onto the first tee. Top notch courses also have modern carts that are often equipped with digital technology that can provide you with valuable information, such as shot distances and wind speeds.

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Titleist Pro V1 Balls – The Two Best Shots Of 2011

Hundreds of PGA Tour professionals use Titleist Pro v1 golf balls, including a large handful of the world’s best. Over the nearly 80 years that the company has been making golf balls and equipment, a countless amount of shots have been played using Titleists all over North America, Europe and beyond. To sort through the hundreds of millions of drives, long irons shots and short iron shots and come up with the three best would be difficult if not impossible. However, our crack staff has combed over the landscape of amazing shots from the 2011 PGA Tour season where Titleist Pro v1 balls were used. Here are our two favorite.

Steve Stricker – 18th Hole – 2011 John Deere Classic

When veteran PGA player Steve Stricker stepped up to the 18th tee at the John Deere Classic in 2011, he knew that he needed a birdie to win. Unfortunately, his tee shot strayed about 15 yards to the left of the fairway and settled two feet from the left edge of a massive fairway bunker nearly 200 yards from the difficult Sunday pin placement. After assessing all of his options, Stricker felt confident enough in his swing and his Titleist Pro v1 ball to line up for the flagstick and give his best effort at attaining birdie.

With his left foot in the white sand and his right foot gripping an edge of fescue grass beneath it, Stricker smoothly reared back and perfectly connected with his Titleist Pro v1, sending it toward the pin, where it landed a few feet short and rolled past the hole onto a very non-threatening layer of fringe. After sticking a 185-yard fairway bunker shot to within 25 feet, Stricker’s look at birdie was clearly better than even he had anticipated he would get in the wake of the wayward tee shot. With ice water in his veins, Stricker curved his putt into the left edge of the hole, securing victory and sending notice to the golfing world that he was ready to assume the throne vacated by Tiger Woods.

Rory McIlroy – 8th Hole – 2011 U.S. Open

Based on his world class skills and his unflappable mental approach, it can be surprising to learn that 2011 U.S. Open winner Rory McIlroy is only 22 years old. Midway through his Friday round at the prestigious American tournament, the young Irishman had already pulled to -8 and was comfortably in the lead. Obviously in the midst of what athletes refer to as “the zone,” McIlroy stood over his Titleist Pro v1 on the 354-yard Par-4 8th hole and put his signature sweet swing on it. Frozen in anticipation, McIlroy watched as the shot sailed about 10 yards past the pin and landed on the back edge of the green.

Benefiting from a substantial back-to-front slant, the ball trickled back toward the pin with the dedication of a loyal soldier, and after seven agonizing seconds fell into the right edge of the cup for an eagle two. The crowd surrounding the green erupted into approval, McIlroy pulled to -10 and the young man became a U.S Open champion a few short days later.

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Titleist Golf Balls Are Perfect For Any Of Golf’s 3 Levels Of Players

The name Titleist is synonymous with professional golf in all regions of the world. The proud and successful company has launched a number of new and innovate Titleist golf balls over the course of their many decades of existence, and all of them have found their way into the bags of highly successful professionals. Fortunately, you can get the same benefits and advantages out on the course that the pros do by using Titleist golf balls, no matter which one of the three major categories of golfer you may fall into. Here they are in further detail.

The Novice

Unless they are blessed with the most natural skills and abilities, any golfer that has been playing the game for less than five full years will fall into the category of novice. The term novice is meant to be a reference to age and not a judgment on a golfer’s skills on the course. Novice golfers may make a few small mental or etiquette errors while making their way from teebox to green, but many are clear about the rules and idiosyncrasies of the game of golf after they have been playing for a few months. Novice golfers have one important choice to make as they progress toward the next stages; if they want to hire a professional coach to help them bring their swing along or go about the journey themselves. The magic of modern technology now allows novice golfers to get personal golfing tips via internet websites or instructional DVDs as well.

The Skilled and Seasoned

There is no official checklist of qualifications and accomplishments that graduate a novice golfer into the realm of a skilled and seasoned golfer, but if there were it would involve a handful of sub-80 rounds and an eagle or two. Additionally, a seasoned golfer will have a high quality set of clubs that is correctly engineered to their physique and swing and a large supply of Titleist golf balls, which allows them maximum distance and feel. A skilled and seasoned golfer will also know exactly how far he or she can hit each club, which takes stressful and distracting guesswork and mental calculations out of a round of golf. Skilled and seasoned golfers typically keep score of their round while taking notes on how they can improve or specifics regarding undulations and breaks on the fairways and greens.

The Scratch Golfer

You’ll know a scratch golfer when you see one. A scratch golfer typically arrives at the course about an hour before they tee off, soon after having a wholesome breakfast. A pre-round practice regimen is in place, and by the time a scratch golfer hits the first tee they are already warmed up and ready to lay into their teed up Titleist golf balls. A scratch golfer may get into trouble a handful of times throughout the day, but what separates them from the pack is the ability to minimize the impact of a mis-hit shot. Scratch golfers seldom if ever break the rules or disrespect the customs of the great game of golf.

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Tiger Woods Barely Misses Victory at Australian PGA Tour

The 2011 PGA Tour season has been over for the better part of a month, but plenty of world-class professional golf has been unfolding on foreign lands in the weeks since. The past weekend featured the culmination of a handful of prestigious tournaments, but two events rose to the top.

Thanks to an abundance of sunshine that warms the continent well into what is considered winter in North American, the Australian PGA Tour is still playing out in a beautiful land far south of the equator. The Australian Masters took place in Sydney over the past four days, and the competition was fierce. The field was comprised of over 50% native Aussies, but a huge helping of America’s best players were on hand in an attempt to vie for the trophy and another large payday.

One of the most notable names in the field was Tiger Woods, who brought his game down under with the intent to win and break a dry streak that is quickly approaching two years. Anyone who has smacked a golf ball down a fairway in the past decade knows about the transgressions of Woods, which have ultimately led to him entering tournaments such as these in an attempt to get his game back on track.

Through 63 holes, the chances of the former longtime world #1 seemed good. Woods stood on the 10th tee on Sunday only two strokes back of the leader, but windy conditions on the back nine led to a few tee shots that sailed into rough, creating missed opportunities at picking up valuable strokes. In the end, Woods finished 3rd behind runner-up John Senden and winner Greg Chalmers. He was truthful and straightforward about his play in a post round interview. “I would have been right there,” Woods said of his chance at victory, citing two bad holes in the final round and poor putting on Saturday. “But I felt great. It’s nice to finally be healthy again.”

Chalmers took control of the tournament on the final holes with a birdie on the 15th and a par sand save on the tournament’s final hole. PGA stud Geoff Ogilvy was in attendance to defend his 2010 Australian Masters title, but was unable to break into the top three, finishing in a five-way tie for fourth place with other PGA Tour champions such as Adam Scott and Nick Watney.

Asia also played host to some stellar golfing action as the final round of the Singapore Open unfolded on Sunday afternoon. When the dust settled and the clouds cleared, Spaniard Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano walked away with a shiny new trophy and a check for one million dollars. The tournament was staggered by wet conditions, which forced many stoppages of play, the elimination of the fourth round and made for a sudden death playoff that was anything but sudden.

Nonetheless, the talented field adapted to the adverse weather and a group began to form at the top of the leaderboard on the tournament’s final day. After 54 holes, Fernandez-Castano was tied with Juvic Pagunsan, and the two headed to a playoff to determine a winner. Little did they know that it would span two days, and Fernandez-Castano finished off Pagunsan early Monday morning during a break in precipitation.

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Recycled golf balls cut your costs for balls in half

If you’re a golfer you know that it can be an expensive sport to indulge in. Aside from green fees and rental costs, the golf equipment can put a dent in your bank account. If you want quality equipment but don’t want to spend a fortune then think about buying recycled equipment. Even if your budget allows for luxury golf items, you could find a real deal and save your spending money for custom items. Buying recycled is a good choice for the environment as well.

Recycled are basically used golf balls that have been retrieved by enterprising individuals from brush, water hazards and other traps. They are then sent to be cleaned and resold as recycled balls at a huge discount. Many balls have been hit only once and remember as soon as you hit a ball it becomes a used golf ball.

They’re becoming the choice of today because they are priced reasonably. It’s too common to lose balls. Recycled golf balls still have the quality of brand new ones.

Who has not watched golf players on television? Remember Phil Mickelson and Tiger woods to name a few stars. The golf companies charge so much for brand new equipment because they need to pay for endorsements to the big stars. It’s all part of the cost of marketing. By recycling the golf balls, you remove the costs of promotion, branding and endorsements; this passes savings onto you. The brand name golf balls and the accessories of golf are also well known by the lovers of the game. If you also wish to play with the same high quality products recycled are the best way to play in a cost effective manner.

This is a difficult situation that is based totally on the player’s taste. What the person is expecting of the golf balls and the kind of money that the person can spend in purchasing these balls or Golf Accessories. The basic fundamental rule of the game is to choose the right equipment for the game along with the level. Before choosing the ball it is advisable to choose the swing of your game so that you can reduce the limitation of your game and build up the strength. In the beginning it is true that the golfers lose a lot of balls. At this time they really need to consider the price of ball instead of quality.

What we get from recycling?

  • Utilization of raw material is minimized with recycling.
  • Reduces the effect of disposal and waste treatment on environment.
  • Makes the surroundings healthier and clean.
  • Landfill space is saved.
  • Saves money.
  • Reduction in energy required for manufacturing of new products.


There are many places that sell recycled golf balls. One of the most popular ways to buy them is to do so online. Not only do you get to shop from the comfort of your own home, but you also get to easily compare prices without wasting time or money going from store to store. You can just kick back in your chair and browse as much as you like, making sure you get the balls you want at a price you can afford.

You may think that your options are limited if you shop online, but that just isn’t true. You can choose from a wide variety of recycled golf balls without ever leaving your home. Choose from all sorts of styles and colors. One of the reasons that it just makes sense to buy them online is that you can spend your money on the actual recycled golf ball rather than paying for a new one.

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PGA Tour Pros Head Oversees To Compete

The 2011 PGA Tour season officially wrapped last week, but a good portion of the players that made their way through the schedule sought out foreign tournaments to compete in this past weekend. Many of the PGA’s best traveled to China to partake in the Shanghai Masters, a tournament that comes with high international prestige and huge payoffs.

Rory McIlroy walked away with an over-sized check in the amount of 2 million U.S. dollars after besting Anthony Kim in a playoff that lasted only one hole. McIlroy took advantage of sizzling iron play that gave him a bevy of birdie opportunities throughout the tournament’s four rounds. Many other big names from the PGA Tour made the overseas voyage, and a handful finished near the top of the leaderboard.

McIlroy rolled his new and used golf balls to an impressive score of -12, but he was closely followed by Kim as well as Brit Ian Poulter and South Africa Retief Goosen. North American crowd favorite John Daly also has a passionate following in China, and large groups of spectators followed him on Saturday and Sunday as he put together solid rounds and wound up at -6 for the tournament.

A collection of other professionals were lured to Malaysia and the 6.1 million dollar purse at the Asia Pacific Classic. Although none of the top 10 players on the PGA Tour were in attendance, the highly competitive tournament featured Camilo Villegas, Fredrik Jacobson and Cameron Tringale. By the end of Sunday’s round the field was looking up at Bo Van Pelt, who played a bogey free Sunday round and took home a first place check for 1.3 million dollars. Van Pelt birdied holes 13 and 15 by smacking long drives that gave him chip shots onto the par-4 greens. On hole 15, he was able to get an up and down birdie from the sand.

The beautiful city of Stogrande, Spain, played host to the Andalucia Masters this past weekend, and homegrown favorite Sergio Garcia proved to himself and his vast legion of Spanish fans that his game is still in top form with a one shot victory in one of Europe’s most popular late-season tournaments. Six under par was enough to win at a course that is notorious for greens that roll faster than the waves of the Mediterranean Sea.

Fellow countryman Miguel Angel Jimenez gave Garcia a run for his prize money, and after early bogeys by Garcia in Sunday’s round, was in an excellent spot to seize control of the tournament. Unfortunately, the fast condition of the greens along with the challenging pin placements made it difficult for the players to make up ground by getting their new and used golf balls into the cup in any strokes less than par. Even so, Jimenez barely missed a 16-foot putt for birdie on the 18th green that could have possibly put him into a playoff with Garcia, who has now won two different foreign tournaments over the past two weekends