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Titleist Pro V1X Is An Excellent Choice For Any Type Of Course

People who pay fees to play at well maintained country clubs and five star courses often have a bag full of new or slightly used Titleist Pro v1x golf balls. Titleist is one of the most trusted and well respected names in all of sports equipment, and hundreds of professionals along with millions of recreational golfers use the company’s spheres on a daily basis. Playing with anything less than a top notch golf ball at a top notch course would be blasphemy, and obviously detrimental to a score.

No matter what the quality of the course on which you plan on playing your next round, a Titleist Pro v1x will put you in the best possible position to excel. Here are the three main types of public courses and what you can expect from each.

Bare Bones Municipal Course

These types of courses typically cost less than $20 to play and can be an excellent way to work on shotmaking and course management. Rarely crowded, many municipal courses that fall into this category actually had some glory days in a bygone era, but as of now are basically being left alone and letting nature to run its course. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but sandy fairways and inconsistent greens can sometimes stymie otherwise good shots, so be sure not to let yourself get discouraged if a good look at birdie turns into a bogey. Despite the conditions, a dozen or so Titleist Pro v1x golf balls will ensure that you will get the best possible distance and contact out of less than ideal lies.

The Middle Majority

About 80% of public golf courses fall into this middle category. Middle majority golf courses usually cost between $20 and $60 to play on any given weekday. These courses have a staff that has been well trained in the specifics of daily management and the physical upkeep of a course, and the pin placements change every morning. Most of these courses also feature a pro shop with a licensed PGA Tour professional and snack bar and comfortable seating area for unwinding after a round. Every major city in North America is sprinkled with a handful of middle majority golf courses, which compete for a huge chunk of the recreational golfing public’s dollar.

Top Notch Courses

Golf courses that qualify for the top category are immaculate celebrations of sports and nature, complete with an attentive and educated staff that is immensely interested in satisfying every desire of a patron. The prices for these exclusive rounds of golf begin at about $100 and can soar as high as $500 on gems such as Northern California’s Pebble Beach. Any level of golfer is welcome at these high end courses, but all should be thoroughly versed in the ins and outs of the game and its specific customs before stepping onto the first tee. Top notch courses also have modern carts that are often equipped with digital technology that can provide you with valuable information, such as shot distances and wind speeds.