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Titleist Golf Balls Are Perfect For Any Of Golf’s 3 Levels Of Players

The name Titleist is synonymous with professional golf in all regions of the world. The proud and successful company has launched a number of new and innovate Titleist golf balls over the course of their many decades of existence, and all of them have found their way into the bags of highly successful professionals. Fortunately, you can get the same benefits and advantages out on the course that the pros do by using Titleist golf balls, no matter which one of the three major categories of golfer you may fall into. Here they are in further detail.

The Novice

Unless they are blessed with the most natural skills and abilities, any golfer that has been playing the game for less than five full years will fall into the category of novice. The term novice is meant to be a reference to age and not a judgment on a golfer’s skills on the course. Novice golfers may make a few small mental or etiquette errors while making their way from teebox to green, but many are clear about the rules and idiosyncrasies of the game of golf after they have been playing for a few months. Novice golfers have one important choice to make as they progress toward the next stages; if they want to hire a professional coach to help them bring their swing along or go about the journey themselves. The magic of modern technology now allows novice golfers to get personal golfing tips via internet websites or instructional DVDs as well.

The Skilled and Seasoned

There is no official checklist of qualifications and accomplishments that graduate a novice golfer into the realm of a skilled and seasoned golfer, but if there were it would involve a handful of sub-80 rounds and an eagle or two. Additionally, a seasoned golfer will have a high quality set of clubs that is correctly engineered to their physique and swing and a large supply of Titleist golf balls, which allows them maximum distance and feel. A skilled and seasoned golfer will also know exactly how far he or she can hit each club, which takes stressful and distracting guesswork and mental calculations out of a round of golf. Skilled and seasoned golfers typically keep score of their round while taking notes on how they can improve or specifics regarding undulations and breaks on the fairways and greens.

The Scratch Golfer

You’ll know a scratch golfer when you see one. A scratch golfer typically arrives at the course about an hour before they tee off, soon after having a wholesome breakfast. A pre-round practice regimen is in place, and by the time a scratch golfer hits the first tee they are already warmed up and ready to lay into their teed up Titleist golf balls. A scratch golfer may get into trouble a handful of times throughout the day, but what separates them from the pack is the ability to minimize the impact of a mis-hit shot. Scratch golfers seldom if ever break the rules or disrespect the customs of the great game of golf.