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Cheap Golf Balls are good to have around when you want to improve your swing without ruining or losing brand new golf balls which can be pricey.

Floppy or wiffle balls are great if you are smacking some balls inside the house or in the back yard because you don’t want to be breaking any windows. But when you want to hit the range with your own bucket or go to the park to practice, you want a ball that really flies like a normal ball. Although the wiffle balls are made to simulate real flight, the fact is that it is nothing like the real thing. The only way to really work on your swing and precision is to use a real ball Practicing often tends to chew up brand new balls pretty quickly and can become expensive the more you do it. You want to get true flight but on the cheap.

Practice golf balls are best if you buy used or recycled.

Used or recycled are basically balls that have been lost by people that have been repackaged and resold. Most of the time the quality of these balls are comparable to new but may have minor scuff marks, discoloration or other blemishes. They come at a discount because there are no costs that come with new balls like endorsements and marketing. All of the balls are brand name.

By using practice balls that are used you can save money but still get the true flight of a new balls. Keep in mind that if you are going to be whacking some balls in your basement or your backyard, use a floppy ball or a wiffle ball and you will also save money by not having to replace any windows in your home or your neighbors.