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Why is choosing the right golf ball so important?

Golf is a game of skill, precision, strategy, and great equipment choices.  Finding the right ball, whether for practice or games, is second only to choosing the best clubs.  Experts believe that as many as fifty percent of people are using the wrong type of ball for their game and their swing.  Are you one of them?  You can find golf balls used or new that can improve your game.


When choosing the right brand of golf ball, it is important to take a look at your game and ask yourself the following:

  • Do you need distance?  If your long game needs work, a distance ball will help.  Keep in mind, though, that you may give up control on the greens.  A favorite with golfers is the Callaway HX Hot.  If you need more control, however, you’ll want a ball with high spin.  This won’t get you the distance you can get with a distance-designed ball, but it does offer that precision you need for your short game.  Nike offers a mix of styles to help you work on different aspects of your game.  Titleist, too, offers balls that can help improve distance while maintaining control on the greens.
  • Do you want to improve or lessen trajectory?  The dimple designs affect the trajectory of the ball.  Large dimples heighten trajectory, while smaller ones lessen it.
  • Feel.  This depends on your playing level.  Many pros and low handicap golfers like a ball with a soft feel, such as that offered by the Pro V1.  It trades distance for playability on the greens.  Likewise, a hard ball will help with distance.  The hard balls are also the most durable.
  • What type of construction do you want?  Most people opt for two piece golf balls, which are very durable and have high rolling distances.  Three piece balls typically offer more control and higher spin.

Depending on your skill level, as well as the areas in which you want to improve, your choice of ball will be crucial.  And it could be expensive as well.  You can certainly buy new golf balls, but you can also save money without sacrificing quality when you and purchase them wholesale online.  Is this a good idea?  Are these balls reliable?  Will they still be able to help you with your game and retain the qualities they had when they were new?

The answer to that is it depends.  Each wholesaler will assign a grade to their recycled golf balls, typically from mint to grade C.  For games, you’d want to choose mint or near-mint condition balls, which will still cost about half of what new ones do.  For practice, why not pick up a bunch of grade Cs for a few dollars. They play like new, but cost quite a bit less.  If you’re learning or you have a penchant for losing them, this can be an incredible money-saver.

Choosing the right golf ball doesn’t have to be difficult:  just think about your needs, and think about where you can get them met most cost-effectively.